Museum Council

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Museum Council

The purpose of the Council is to supervise the fulfillment of the museum's duties to collections and the public, in particular on the objectives set out by the Law on museums and the Statute of Museum. The responsibilities of the Council should be evaluating the Museum's activities, giving opinions about the long term business plans and annual business plans, along with the financial plans and the annual reports on the activities of the Museum submitted by the Director of Museum.

Museum Council - term of office 2012/2016
Ryszard Baloń
Czesław Kwiatkowski
Stanisław Michałowski
Mirosław Opęchowski
Robert Pawlak
Andrzej Pułaski - Chairman of Museum Council
Przemysław Sulecki
Jerzy Waliszewski
Ryszard Wasiłek
Jan Zenkner

utworzono : 2014-02-20
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